The next version of the Shortwave Log suite of applications is currently being tested and has not yet been released to the public. The version listed here is beta code and is for the group of selected testers.


Minimum Requirements


  • Windows 10 (the current release or the previous)
  • .NET 4.6.2 or later; .NET 4.8 recommended
  • SQL Server Express or any higher edition (the current release or the previous)
  • 4GB RAM; 8GB recommended


  • The Radio Control API Server and the Shortwave Log Web application run natively on a Raspberry Pi or Ubuntu x64. No other distributions have been tested; they should academically work.
  • The Shortwave Log desktop application runs under Ubuntu x64 with the 32-bit Wine compatibility layer. N.B. Several features are disabled as they crash under Wine.
  • SQL Server Express or any higher edition (the current release or previous), which will need to be setup either on a Windows or Linux host.


cloud_download DOWNLOAD BETA


Release Notes

Build 7695 - Released 1/24/2021

  • Shortwave Log (Desktop) - Fixed various issues with Code Tables.
  • Shortwave Log (Desktop) - Added a more robust sorting capability to the Edit forms for Shortwave and Amateur logs.
  • Shortwave Log (Desktop) - Revision to the format for the Ontario DX Association (ODAX) club report.

Build 7692 - Released 1/21/2021

  • Shortwave Log (Desktop) - Fixed a bug in the MDI library where a window would maximize by double-clicking its title bar when it shouldn't.
  • Shortwave Log (Desktop) - Fixed a bug where SWLog would throw an error on startup if the help PDF document were already open.
  • Shortwave Log (Desktop) - Various bugs addressed in the Code Tables forms.
  • Shortwave Log (Desktop) - Fixed a bug with importing shortwave (broadcast) logs when the same named radio occurs more than once in the database.
  • Shortwave Log (Desktop) - This will be an ongoing theme - more tweaks to the dark theme.

Build 7688 - Released 1/18/2021

  • Shortwave Log (Desktop) - Added logging around the import routine for external shortwave logs.

Build 7687 - Released 1/17/2021

  • Shortwave Log (Desktop) - More work on the dark theme. Removed the warning message as the dark theme is almost useful now.
  • Shortwave Log (Desktop) - Replaced the use of the FileHelpers library for importing the FCC Amateur database as it was throwing a false error.
  • Shortwave Log (Desktop) - Created a wrapper around the AddLog API call to read a PIPE-delimited file to import logs from an external source.
  • Shortwave Log (Desktop) - Added the Direction column for the EIBI schedule to the grid in View Databases. Mapped to CIRAF_Zones.
  • Shortwave Log (Desktop) - Added confirmation dialogs where missing in the Code Table maintenance forms. Made the calls asynchronous.

Build 7681 - Released 1/10/2021

  • All applications - The dependency on the Noto Sans font has been removed. Noto Sans no longer needs to be downloaded, but is now bundled as a resource.
  • Shortwave Log Web - Added buttons that, when clicked, set the UTC Start or UTC Finish fields.

Build 7681 - Released 1/10/2021

  • Shortwave Log (Desktop) - Added the ability to export the shortwave logbook as an Excel workbook.
  • Shortwave Log (Desktop) - Added the ability to delete a shortwave/broadcast log.
  • Shortwave Log (Desktop) - Added databases checks when saving settings and when staring Shortwave Log to check for valid connection strings. This came up in testing where the system allowed TCP/IP to be chosen even if no host, username, or password were entred.
  • Shortwave Log (Desktop) - Initial version of a dark theme; it's not quite usable yet.
  • Shortwave Log (Desktop) - More work on importing the FCC FM Engineering list now that it has been move to web calls.
  • Shortwave Log (Desktop) - Added the ability to export amateur radio logs to non-ADIF formats (i.e. traditional computer formats).
  • Shortwave Log Web - Revisions to the Radio Control front-end.
  • Shortwave Log Web - Added the ability to view the most recent Amateur QSOs.
  • More documentation updates. This has a long way to go.

Build 7671 - Released 1/1/2021

  • Lowe HF-250/250E - Added support for the CW 0.2 kHz filter; added memory support; added attenuation support.
  • Added buffering for the S-Meter image and the Main Display image for the Ten-Tec RX-320, Lowe HF-250, Icom CIV, and SDR-Console radios. This should allow for scaling to multiple, concurrent clients per radio.

Build 7669 - Released 12/30/2020

  • Rewrote the Installation document; hopefully it's less of a ramble.
  • Rewrote the download and import of the FCC FM Engineering data as the FCC removed the file that was being used. The path forward is to use a web service, which is unfortunately much slower than using the pre-processed ZIP file. Currently only data for USA is being returned. A query has been sent to the FCC contact as to whether the new web service can output data for more than one country at time. Thus this is not yet complete & more work on this will be forthcoming.
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